for ODOO 12

    The JPK document generation module for Odoo 12 is already available. It allows you to quickly calculate the tax due in an automatic manner, or to enter the calculated amounts manually. The module complies with all requirements of Polish law, including maintaining the VAT Registry, and generating JPK files in .xml format.

The module is characterized by the speed and ease of use. To generate JPK:

  • add invoices to the VAT Register ...

  • calculate automatically, or enter the tax due manually ...

  • specify the time interval and purpose of the JPK document... and it's ready!

THE MODULE INCLUDES THE AUTOMATION OF the due tax calculation process 

    The module has been equipped with an algorithm that allows you to calculate the tax due in an extremely simple way - just one click! Process automation is a great help for users who do not have specialist knowledge in accounting. At the same time, the module supports manual calculation of tax due, which is useful in more complex cases. You can also easily adapt the available tax calculation schemes to special requirements.