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Magento shop implementation

Design, Development, hosting, support, ICT consulting

AppFactory is the worlds leading digitat printing materials distributor. Using Magento as an e-Commerce platform for B2C as well as B2B sales all over Europe. The project included the design, branding, development as well as integration of Magento with TNT system.

AppFactory is a supplier of synthetic papers for digital printing. It has a variety of products for both professional and individual printers. Our materials bring an added value to your product offer and would increase your profitability with its quality features like non-tearabilty, scratch, water and UV resistance. Moreover you would save on your lamination costs as it does not need to be laminated.
We are offering profitability with high quality finishings with our gloss/matte/clear and backlit synthetic papers together with permanent and easy peel adhesive range. Our custom solutions for pre-perforation would increase your productivity with diversity of applications in many sectors.

There can be no doubt that the toner age has arrived for both desktop and production digital printers. Serious applications are possible with toner printers. Consider the benefits: no drying time, no questions about light-resistance. With the correct materials, serious scratch - and wet - rub resistance. While every print, and most materials, gets affected by direct sunlight over time, the combination of toner printing and film makes medium-term (say 6 months) outdoor signage possible without lamination. Industrial applications are being developed, because now simple digital print can also be used in hot, cold, humid, and greasy environments. And the possibilities at Point of Sales are almost limitless! We specialize in polyester-based filmic materials, both plain and with various forms of adhesives, which can be used for more than just printing a tear-resistant page.

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